VetriSCIENCE Vetri Bladder for Dogs - 60 chews

Type: Dog

Vetri Bladder Canine is a combination of phytoestrogens that work
together to support normal bladder function and bladder control in
spayed and senior dogs. This product contains soy protein extract, which
is a source of isoflavones. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens (plant based
hormones) that help maintain normal bladder muscle tone lost after
spaying or during the aging process. Red Clover Flower Powder is
considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones available.
The estrogen-like effect of red clover isoflavones may attach to
estrogen receptors throughout the body. Specifically, they may attach to
those receptors in the bladder that will support normal urinary