Swell Frozen Pumpkin Cheddar Gelato for Dogs - 4.5-oz

Type: Dog

Swell, gelato for dogs was created out of nostalgia for a time when food was prepared with simple yet wholesome ingredients to be shared with those you love. Each of Swell's gelatos is hand made and crafted in small batches, making them so unique and delicious.

We love a good sweet and savory combination and this one hits the spot. Imagine a lightly sweetened creamy turmeric pumpkin soup topped off with a bit of cheddar. Are you drooling yet? It’s no surprise that even the most picky dogs love Swell Pumpkin Cheddar gelato. We always recommend starting with this one if your dog is a little selective.


coconut milk, pumpkin, cheddar, honey, turmeric, natural stabilizer (gum acacia, locust bean gum, guar gum)