K9 Kravings Green Tripe Cookies Dog Treats - 8 oz.

Type: Dog


Made 100% in the USA

Our dog treats and chews are proudly made on site in our facility in Baltimore, Md. using only the best, USA bred and raised, all natural ingredients. We don't just source from USDA farms, we are a USDA inspected facility which means our ingredients and our kitchens are inspected daily. Dog tested and approved, these treats and chews are great for training, everyday rewards and special occasions.

  • NO preservatives, dyes or added sugars
  • NO cereal grains, fillers or gluten
  • NO nitrates, chemicals or soluble carbohydrates
Our treats are made from USDA Human Grade, Steroid & Antibiotic-Free, Farm-Raised, Organic and Free-Range ingredients from the USA to best compliment a raw dog food diet.

K-9 Green Tripe Cookies provide a healthy snack for all dogs, especially high performance canines and canines with health or weight issues. Egg Powder provides supplemental low-fat protein and assists cookie formation as well as texture when coupled with ingredient Psyllium Seed Husks. Psyllium Seed Husks also aid in healthy digestion for dogs. K-9 Kraving Green Tripe Cookies dog treats are free of preservatives, dyes, added sugars, cereal grains, glutens, nitrates, chemicals and soluble carbohydrates.