Natural Cravings Beef Prime Rib Backstrap Dog Treat

Type: Dog
USA Prime Rib Backstrap Paddywack. 10 pack $39.99 Natural Cravings Prime Rib Paddywacks are a very unique thick cut of backstrap that is from the Prime Rib section giving it a very succulent flavor your dog won't forget. Our Paddywacks are single ingredient and no added chemicals or preservatives. Like all of our products this is sourced and packaged in the U.S.A. Even our bags and labels are made locally. Each Backstrap is individually shrink wrapped and LARGE. This is a long lasting dog chew. This is a bulk item and sells very well individually or in packs. On average these are 10 to 12" and wider and thicker than most. This item does not contain any bones and is 100% USA beef.
Beef Backstrap