BioV Clarity Food for Liver and Kidney 100% Organic Supplement for Dogs - 3 oz.

Type: Dog

BioV™ Clarity Blends are Drug-Free and are specifically formulated from combining a variety of our BioComplete Natural Herbs and consist only of healthy USDA approved, Organic, all-natural foods and botanicals that offer a holistic alternative in promoting and maintaining the body's utmost health with modern, up to date science.

BioV™ Clarity Liver and Kidney Blend - Special blend formulated to cleanse the filtering organs of the body and reduce inflammation.. Disease is the result of toxicity and inflammation. The liver and kidneys are the primary filters that rid the body of toxins and they produce many hormones and enzymes that control the use of nutrition. These organs also have a remarkable ability to regenerate and repair themselves when they are given the foods that support this.

A proprietary blend of: Triphala, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Shiitake Mushroom, Turmeric and Diatomaceous Earth Powder (food grade).