Ark Naturals Don't Worry...Don't Rinse Me! Dog & Cat Cleanser - 18 fl. oz.


Pet’s go from STINKY to Scrumptious! While Ark Naturals is not the first company to introduce a waterless shampoo, our testers have assured us Don’t Worry… Don’t Rinse Me! is easier to use and more efficient than other rinseless pet shampoos!

Rinseless, waterless, foam shampoo cleans your pet without all of the hassle of bath time. Perfect for agility pets, hunting dogs, smelly pets, inbetween grooming, for pets that have been at the beach, in the lake, swimming pool, or anytime.
Quick and Efficient
Cleans and Moisturizes
Natural Botanical Formula
Perfect for Spot Cleaning!
Easy to Use!

Made in the USA.